The Process

The ceraming process



1 - Melting

Our raw materials coming from all over the world are melted in our tanks prior to be rolled. This is a key step of the process, from which all the properties of glass-ceramic will ensue.

2 - Rolling process

The melted glass, coming out of the tank, is laminated between two rolls before being cooled down and becoming an intermediate substrate with intrinsic properties.

3 - Ceraming

The special glass substrate endures another thermal cycle at high temperatures. The crystals, contained in the substrate, grow up and modify its molecular structure until it forms the right balance between the crystalline phase and residual glass in the material. This equilibrium confers to Glass-ceramic its main quality: resistance to high temperature and thermal shocks.

4 - Cutting

After the ceraming step, sheets of glass-ceramic can be either shipped to our retailers or be transformed in our finishing workshop where first they will be cut in to customized sizes.

5 - Edging

 In order to provide a safe and mechanically resistant product with a nice finishing look, we are polishing our edges with different profiles (C-pencil, flat edges...) thanks to a CNC machine.

6 - Screen printing

The front glass-ceramic panels can be decorated with enamel printed frames of many different modern designs. The natural glance of the glass-ceramic offers the high-end look to the door and the good opacity of the enameled frame hides the technical assembly parts. Eurokera develops its own enamel solutions to ensure their heat, chemical and mechanical resistance.

7 - Quality check 

Each part of glass-ceramic is inspected according to our standards in order to provide you the best product quality. Moreover, each step of our process has its own audits and quality checks in conformity with the European standards ISO, CE, EN,…

8 - Shipping

Sheets and cut parts are delivered to our retailers, distributors or manufacturers in a free and easy-to-handle packaging. We aim to supply the best service we can wherever the place our customers are based on Earth.

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