1 - How can I clean my Keralite® glass-ceramic?
Never use any abrasive product for cleaning your KERALlTE® part. Best results are achieved using a specified glass-ceramic cleaning product (such as those for glass-ceramic cooktops).

You are eco-aware? It is not essential to use chemical products to leave your glass perfectly clean and shiny. Indeed, you only need ashes and newspaper which spreads them on the glass to give a new lease of life to it.

2 - Difference between toughened glass, borosillicate and glass ceramic: why and when choose glass ceramic over cheaper materials?
The toughening process is, as well as the ceramizing process, a heating action strengthening the glass.

Although this gives an above average heat resistance to the toughened glass (around 200-300°C), the purpose is only to enhance safety in case of a breakage, as the glass will shatter in small and non sharp pieces. Furthermore, the heat resistance of the toughened glass is progressive: a quick rise of temperature would be fatal. And as if this wasn’t enough, this temperature has to be perfectly the same all over the glass. A mere 30°C difference from one side to the other one would shatter the window.

Keralite® glass-ceramic, with an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion even at high temperatures, is designed for household or indusrial heating appliances: Fireplaces or stoves doors, Inside glass for electrical or gas cooking ovens, Heat resistant glass for industrial applications, Protection of heating elements, UV filter or other special use in lighting.

3 - How to find on which side the IR Reflective coating is?
Our IR reflective coating has the particularity to be electrically conductive (on the contrary to glass-ceramic). It means that any ohmmeters or low-e testers can detect it. Even a simple battery and lamp could be enough to find it on the side it had been set. But, if you have no such equipment close at hand, there is another trick to find it easily. With one of your driest finger, just stroke the surface of one side and then of the other side. You should then feel that there is a much rougher surface: this one is the IR Reflective coated one. It has to be placed on the outside of the fireplace.
4 - Should I place the IR Reflective coating on the inside or on the outside of the fireplace?
In order to get a self-cleaning action on the glass ceramic, it is of the utmost importance to place the coated side on the outside of the fireplace. The glass-ceramic will be then crossed twice by the infrared radiations and will receive more energy. Its temperature will rise faster and to a higher point than an uncoated part, which will avoid some of the creosote deposit or burn it into ashes for an easy to clean action.
5 - How to find on which side the mirror coating is?
The trick is to place a pencil directly in touch with the glass surface. If the pen touches its image it means that the coating is placed on this side. On the other side, you will see a gap between the pen and its image.

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